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IOSONO offers courses, seminars and individual sessions to teach you how to use metaphysical expedients such as

  • symbolic (union) language vs diabolic (separation) language that we normally use
  • the power of the narrative paradigm, theology and cosmology
  • breathing water, information and blessings
  • pax, peace as supreme energy, default, timeless and motionless vibration
  • resonance and harmony, mnemonic creation and reminescence
  • mantra I AM
  • attraction by information default
  • mutual prayer
  • instant prayer, already done
  • demonology, eudaimony and information bond
  • spiritual channelling and the divine water pipeline
  • zero point in the empty stillness, quantum leap, Cristic faith
  • conversion and metanoia
  • the grand placebo theory
  • bibliomancy

IOSONO offers courses, seminars and individual sessions on the metaphysics of information to help you rewrite your manifestation, also offers guided meditations and blessings on the archetypes of breath, sound, light and water.

IOSONO can help you reveal and rewrite the information matrix. Only a new software or a spiritual conversion can transform your reality as you really like it by remodulating the light source which all your manifestations come from in a timeless and omnipotent istant. You are the light source and the light, the matrix and the information in the eternal archetype of the breathing water. Water is the divine light and breath is the divine spirit. IOSONO is just an expedient to reveal and be aware of your light as an eternal and divine information while revealing the divine spirit in your breath.

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