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Information and Manifestation

You can recognize an apple only from its shape and none of its physical traits. Only that shape and not the physical apple is named apple. The shape is a form, which is information and it is not in the physical apple but in the divine mind that imagines that form as a platonic idea, hence the apple only exists as a timeless information in the divine dimension which is spirit and breath. Likewise the software makes the computer work but it is not in the computer. Your manifestation is always a string of information, a string of 0 and 1.

1 and 0 are divine numbers, both absolute, entire, complete, infinite numbers, hence both are the same number. You are 0 and 1, you will not be able to find a 2 anywhere in your manifestation because two identical things simply don’t exist. Duality is just an illusion and from the 2 on all numbers are narrative expedients to tell yourself how you see the world, which in fact is not at all as you see it. 0 and 1 are an eternal and divine information in a matrix that can only be on and off, latent or manifest, possibility or phenomenon, exactly as a computer software, because that’s all we are. The 1 manifests and switches the phenomenon on, which remains off, open, void, timeless and infinitely possible as a 0. Hence 0 and 1 are the same number in the same eternal instant, you are 0 and 1, 1 and 0, you are a quantum computer which manifests your world as you like it in the empty and timeless stillness of your breath. Memory always creates the world and precedes the events… (Francesco Candela).