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The Quantum Revolution

The double slit experiment, a milestone in quantum physics, demostrates that the very act of observing a particle turns a non local wave of possibilities into that particle. In other words, if it is not measured or observed that particle simply doesn’t exist.

Dr Quantum – Double Slit Experiment

The double slit experiment implies that

  • a phenomenon, although it manifests itself in a bodily manner, in essence remains in the conciousness of the observer;
  • a phenomenon always manifests itself after an information pattern, a mnemonic logos, a software;
  • the universe “exists” only when I am aware of it and it always remains a manifestation of my consciousness, being in itself void and undetermined in a timeless and non local wave of infinite possibilities, when I am not aware of it;
  • you can’t catch anything outside your consciousness;
  • when Brahma the Eternal opens his eyes a world comes into being (Upanishad);
  • the creation is the realistic illusion or the dream of a divine mind, an unconscious intelligence, a mnemonic patter;
  • the information that manifests the world is instantaneous, intelligent, mnemonic, placebo (as you like it), beyond space and time.

The entaglement experiment, another milestone in quantum physics, demostrates the instantaneous bond between two particles beyond the illusion of space. Measuring a property of one entangled particle can tell you what measuring the other particle will reveal. No matter how far away the other particle may be. That’s information, the divine logos.

Quantum Entanglement and the Great Bohr-Einstein Debate